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Coalimex Building

Coalimex Building
    • Project: Office building
    • Location: 33 Tràng Thi, Trần Hưng Đạo, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội
    • Total Lettable Area: 644 m2 / floor
    • Lease term: 3 - 10 year
    • Number of floors: 9 floor
    • Ceiling height: 2.7m
    • Lifts: 4 high-speed elevator
    • Parking area: 2 basement
    • Air-conditioning system: Central air conditioning system
    • Back-up Power: 100% Backup power
    • Fire safety: International standards
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    • Hotline: 0942.369.011
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    The Coalimex building is an office building with an area of about 6’000m2 of office space. Located at 33 Trang Thi Street, in the centre of Hanoi’s Old Quarter, this building stands amidst many commercial centres and historical places.
    In order to produce a sustainable way to organize the offices, each floor must be flexible and be divided into different office spaces of different sizes. In this way, the narrow building manages to offer multiple differing areas and atmospheres. The facade is adapted to the different contexts of the plot. The main façade, which is directly in contact with the street, gives its strong identity to the Coalimex building and deals with its constraints. It is made of double-layered glass. On the second layer, a pattern that interprets the meeting of the trees of the Hanoi streets and the coal (symbol of the client) is printed on the glass.

    Technical Specifications:
    Total Lettable Area:    5,072sqm
    Net floor area:    600sqm/floor
    Number of floors:    10
    Back-up power:    100% back-up power
    Ceiling Height:    2.6 m
    Lift:    03 high speed lifts and 01 service lift
    Air Conditioning:    Centralized
    Parking Space:    3 basements (50 cars and 755 motorbikes)