Owned by CapitaLand, one of Asia's largest real estate developers, Capital Place is a modern Grade A + international office project, providing more than 90,000m2 of office space and over 5,000m2 of commercial area. trade, creating a community of reputable businesses right in the heart of Hanoi. Capital Place building provides a sustainable working environment through the design of many green spaces, creating a sense of relaxation and comfort for office staff and visitors in and out of the building. In line with its commitment to creating green spaces, the Capital Place project also promotes sustainability through indicators of water use, air quality, and power consumption. With the current design, the Capital Place building aims to save 50% of the water used. The building is equipped with filters, using low emission materials and sensors that comply with LEED standards to keep air quality circulating in the building. Other technical measures are also applied along with the Building Management System to adjust the energy consumption to the most effective level (up to 13%). Opened in 2020, Capital Place will be the first commercial building to have direct access to the city's metro system. The project promises to provide tenants with superior service, business connection and building management according to international standards that will suit any business needs of the tenants.